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Truck Campers

Truck Campers Make for a nice addition to most 4 wheel trucks. As the name implies, truck campers make camping with just a truck easy. Of course, camping is not the only reason to have a truck camper. You could use a truck camper just to have a mobile place to relax. Anytime you go on vacation or to visit family, truck campers may be useful just so that you have extra space to carry the various odds and ends you will need in your travels. There are several quality known manufacturers of truck campers, each distinguised on our truck campers manufactures page. These include Palomino, Lance, Alpenlite, Okanagen, and Fleetwood, to name a few.

Truck Campers For Sale

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Types of Truck Campers

There are several different types of truck camper, including pop-up truck campers, clamshell truck campers, hardside aluminum truck campers, hardside filon truck campers (with wood frames or aluminum frames), and slide out truck campers.

Hardside aluminum and hardside filon truck campers merely refer to the materials used to construct and support the body of the truck campers.

Learn about pop up truck campers here.

Slide-out truck campers should not be considered a type opposed to slide in truck campers. The term 'slide in' is a slang referring to all kinds of mounted truck campers. Slide-out truck campers are a specific type of 'slide in' that has movable sliding walls to effectively create extra rooms, most commonly a dinette room, with amenities up to and including a refridgerator and/or microwave.