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4-wheel truck campers

4-wheel truck campers, or more specifically four wheel drive (often called 4wd), are one of two types of trucks with respect to the wheel design. Other than four wheel truck campers, there are dually 2 wheel drive truck campers. The Four wheel truck campers offer better maneuverability in off-road driving, for the more outdoorsy type. The 2wd duallies are better if you are mainly going to be driving on paved road. They have better mpg than the 4-wheel truck campers and typically can tow more weight, allowing for a larger shell.

4-wheel truck campers models

The 4 wheel truck campers signify a type of truck as opposed to the type of camper, but obviously the average 4wd truck is going to be more or less suited to a given cab-over than a 2wd version would be, mainly due to the towing capacity being greater on the 2wd types allowing for a larger cab over. Some examples of ideal four-wheel truck campers would be any that are lightweight, or pop-ups that use a soft wall for the roof extension.