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Better Truck Gas Mileage

Better truck gas mileage is an important topic because a lot of people grow more concerned with the state of the environment each day. And, EVERYONE is concerned with saving money, especially as the price of fuel is fluctuating so vigorously. So, getting better gas mileage out of your truck or car is one way you can protect not only mother earth, but your own wallet as well. Saving gas should be at the top of everyone's lists of things to do for these two reasons alone. So if you want a few tips on how to improve your truck gas mileage, you've come to the right place! And though this page is intended to be specific to increasing the quality of truck gas mileage, many of the tips here can be applied to other vehicles as well. So whether you are looking to get better truck gas mileage or if you drive a regular automobile and you are looking for better fuel economy on that, this is the place to be!

Improving truck gas mileage

Here are some tips to get better mpg (miles per gallon) no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

  • Inflate your tires!
  • Get tune ups regularly
  • Get your wheels aligned
  • Steady speed, steady acceleration
  • Read your owner's manual!
  • Turn your engine off whenever possible
  • Plan your trips
  • Use vents instead of A/C
  • Park in cool places
  • Lighten your load!
  • Alternate transportation
  • Buy Gas in the morning
  • High Octane Gas
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Clean your car or truck!
  • Inflating your tires is one of the easiest ways to increase gas mileage. It means less of the tire is in contact with the road, which means that the car or truck has less work to do to stay in motion. Getting the wheels aligned so that the car or truck naturally rolls straight also helps to create less work for the truck and thus get better fuel mileage. Getting tune ups insures that all of the critical systems of your car that see the most use are in top condition, which also helps engine fuel economy. Reading the owner's manual is important to see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of what kind of gas you should use for the best gas saving techniques. Driving at a steady speed, as well as accelerating (whether your speeding up or slowing down) at a steady pace puts less strain on your engine. When you know you are going to be sitting in the same spot for more than just a few minutes (waiting in some kind of drive through line or in heavy traffic), turn your engine off. You can also switch to neutral whenever you are idling for short periods and the road is relatively non-sloped. And speaking of neutral, you can save gas by switching to neutral while driving down a slope, as long as the slope is steep enough to keep you rolling at a high speed. But be careful! Some people don't recommend this and if you slip and say, switch from drive, to neutral, to reverse, you could do some serious damage to your truck. Planning and combining trips is a good way to save on gas as well. Though this doesnt technically get you better gas mileage, it does mean you are using less gas in general. By planning I simply mean to avoid roads where you know that start and stop driving is the norm, or where traffic is typically heavy. Avoid using the A/C unless necessary (or at high speeds where the drag created by open windows uses more fuel than does the A/C). Along the same lines of keeping cool for less money, park your vehicle in cool places so the A/C has less work to do when you do use it. Remove heavy items that you don't need from your vehicle whenever possible so the truck has to pump less gas to keep it moving. Seek alternative forms of transportation. Again, not improving your truck gas mileage here, but using less in general. If you can bike it, the exercize won't hurt! And perhaps the public transit system could be a benefit to you as well. And carpooling is a good idea whenever possible too. You'd literally be cutting your fuel consumption in half if you can carpool wherever you go. Experiment with different kinds of gas, because sometimes different suppliers have slightly different formulas, and one may be better for your truck's gas mileage than another. Synthetic Oil is rumored to get your truck better gas mileage as well, as is high octane gas. As for these recommendations you really should keep track of the effects of different brands/octanes of gas and oil to see what the actual effects are. Buying gas in the morning when it is colder and more dense means you get more for your buck, since gas is sold by volume. And last but not least, clean the outside of your truck regularly. Not only is this simply a good social move, but also because all those dirt particles create drag on your vehicle so having a freshly washed and waxed truck means better aerodynamics!

    All of these recommendations can help to get better fuel economy no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving. These gas saving techniques are for the most part easy and anyone can do them. And they save you money! And of course the better truck gas mileage helps minimize our impact on the environment as well. However, the following tips apply more specifically to truck gas mileage.

  • Truck bed covers
  • Lighten the load!
  • Avoid roof racks and the things you mount on them
  • Leave your tailgate UP!
  • Having an open truck bed means more air resistance, as do lowered tailgates, roof racks and mounted items. I mentioned earlier the lighten your load concept, but I think it deserves repeating when it comes to better truck gas mileage because you are more likely to be hauling heavy items more frequently when you drive a truck, so extra close attention needs to be paid if you wish to save on mpg fuel economy here.

    Better Truck Gas Mileage Upgrades for sale

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Free Flow exhaust system
  • Computer Programmer
  • K&N Air filter
  • Electric Fans
  • These items come at a cost and are more of an investment. If simply saving the environment is enough motivation for you then you should get these upgrades as soon as possible. However, if money is more important (and nowadays I wouldn't blame anyone for being more concerned about their own financial stability in these crazy times), you should think of this as an investment. How much money will you save with your better truck gas mileage? Over the remaining life of your truck, will you save more money than you spend on these upgrades? A simple but safe conservative estimate for you is if you drive 20,000 miles a year, every 1,000 dollars you spend on upgrades will take 2 years to recoup. Now if you're lucky it could be as little as one year to recoup the expenditures on your better truck gas mileage. And of course if you drive more than 20,000 miles per year the savings will add up more quickly. One thing is for sure, if you are getting a new car, make sure you have these upgrades because they will CERTAINLY pay off.