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Lightweight Truck Campers

Lightweight truck campers are exactly what their name implies. The focus is taken from amenities and extras and shifted to pure unadulterated function. The purpose of lightweight truck campers is to get the job done. Thats not to say that lightweight truck campers are nothing but walls and a roof (though they are available), but they will tend to be less furnished than other shells. Like most industries, there is no one model, or type, or brand, that offers the perfect product. Lightweight truck campers cater to specific needs of a particular kind of customer: those who wish to 'rough it' so to speak, or those who are willing to sacrifice that built-in refridgerator because they are looking to save on fuel consumption.

Lightweight Truck Campers Makes

Travel Lite is one company that specializes in lightweight truck campers. While many companies may offer a relatively small number of light weight truck campers, Travel Lite has chosen to base their business on this market. They are a good brand to look at if you are interested in lightweight truck campers.