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Pop up Truck Campers

Pop up truck campers are a special unit that has a mechanism that allows the height of the roof to be extended, hence the name pop up truck campers. Typically these have either a 'soft-walled' or 'hard-walled' design; soft walled pop truck campers typically use something like canvas and the hard walled may employ aluminum.

Pop up Slide in Truck Campers

The beauty of pop up truck campers is that they take function to the next level. Pop up truck campers are expandable, creating extra interior space. The whole idea of truck campers in general is convenience and options. Pop up truck campers add expandability to adaptability. With pop up truck campers it is alreaady as if your truck has three different 'modes': There is no cab at all (regular truck), with the cab but not expanded (compact pop up truck campers), and with the roof extended (expanded pop up truck campers). You have a mode for every occasion!

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