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Slide in Truck Campers

Slide in truck campers are basically just truck campers, but different areas of the world use different terms for these shells. Throughout most of north America, they are typically referred to as slide in truck campers. Sometimes slide in truck campers are also called 'cab overs'. They are often called dismountable or demountable in Europe (instead of slide in truck campers). In Australia, they are often called 'slide on'.

Why Slide in Truck Campers

As the other slangs imply, slide in truck campers are named as such because the actual shell typically slides into the truckbed. The idea, and what gives slide in truck campers their distinction amongst other types of automobiles, is that they are by no means permanently slide in truck campers. The shell can be removed at any time with relative ease. This adds to their convenience, making for a interesting cousin of the mobile home... like a mobile 'tent'. Other than size, the obvious difference between slide in truck campers and mobile homes is that slide-in truck campers can be converted to simply be a truck, and this just takes a little time. Converting a mobile home back to a bus takes time AND money.