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Small Truck Campers

Small truck campers are often synonymous with lightweight, but as we already have an article for discussion on lightweights, this page concerns the other factors that make small truck campers 'small'. Specifically, it concerns the degree of slide-out that the camper offers. Slide-out means that walls of the camper can literally slide out to create extra interior space. The more slide-outs on the model, the more space available once the job is done. Quad slide-outs exist and this translates to LOADS of extra space. Even a double slide out can nearly double the floor area over that of small truck campers, just to give you an idea of how MUCH space slide-outs can provide.

Small Truck Camper Pros

The cons are obvious, but obviously if you are looking for small truck campers, you are not deterred by a small space. Small truck campers (typically with no slide out or perhaps a single slide out) tend to be cheaper then larger models. They also tend to weigh less. This of course means better fuel efficiency. Mounting time is generally unaffected since jacks are typically used; whether you are mounting small truck campers or a quad slide-out pop up, you will rarely need to lift more than 20 lbs. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why small truck campers can be the perfect fit for you. Specifically, if YOU are the only one using it. Small truck campers are no good for family trips with kids; the quarters are far too cramped. But for an individual person, small truck campers can be the perfect fit... 'cozy' even! So, if your plans revolve around one (wo)man travelling, camping, etc, small truck campers may be ideal. And they are going to be cheaper for the initial purchase and upkeep costs over time as well!