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Truck Camper Tie Downs

Truck camper tie downs are a very important, if not necessary, addition to your truck camper. Though some safety measures may already be in place, additional security is gained with truck camper tie downs. What is a truck camper tie down anyway? It is an upgrade that allows you to better secure the camper to your truck. Specifically, it limits the amount of grinding, sliding, and slipping that your truck camper can experience on the bed of your truck while in motion. Not only will this help prevent the unlikely but potentially heart-attack inducing experience of having your truck camper slide right off the back of your truck at high speeds, but these truck camper tie downs will also help minimize the actual wear on your truck bed, where it comes into contact with the truck camper. And I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of heart attacks! Nor am I a fan of preventable damage to my truck.

Frame Mounted Truck Camper Downs

Truck camper tie downs, also frequently referred to as truck camper hold downs, can be frame mounted with clamps. This style is actually mounted underneath the truck frame and then the tie down is wrapped over top of the truck camper. These are also known as belly bar truck camper tie downs. They can also be mounted with eye screws being installed in on the bed and secured with bungee cords. As far as what style is going to be the best for your truck, you are going to want to do a little investigation. Though all truck camper tie downs perform the same task, and generally they secure your truck camper equally well, some are better suited to a given truck/truck camper combo than others. Some may give your truck camper a better look due to the aesthetic differences (such as chrome or any kind of design work on the belly of the tie downs). Some RV truck camper tie downs may not be such a good fit and as a result may create more wear on your truck bed then others would. You're going to want to talk to the company that makes the tie-downs and find out which is the best fit for you. Some of the better known truck camper tie down companies are Torklift (probably the most popular), Hijacker, Happijack, and Putco Push Up Tie Downs.

For heavy duty trucks which need heavy duty truck camper tie downs, I recommend Torklift, though the other companies mentioned above can also fit the bill.